Cat Massage Tool


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Once you’ve reached optimal cat lady status, there comes a time in your life where you think it’s necessary to start massaging your cat’s face. Luckily, someone has already created a cat face massager, and it is most likely the most specific niche product you could think of. How it works is, the device has a couple of rollers on each side of two prongs, and you simply place your cats face in between the prongs and roll it up and down.

✓ Made from soft, safe and durable plastic.
✓ Handle stretches to fit any size cat.
✓ Use on your other furry friends – dogs love it too

Cat Massage Tool Cat Thin Face Massager Feet and Legs Massager Cat Massager
Product specification:

about 12X3. 3CM/4.72X12.99in (about 10g) large about 24.5 X4.5 CM/9.65X17.71in (about 30 g)
Suitable object : the cat dog is universal
Product materials: green plastic ABS
Product characteristics : the versatile body massages the machine, can massage different parts, the abdomen, the face, the legs and feet, light and comfortable;There\'s a lot of purring, cats and dogs

Package Content

1pcs cat massage tool