Cute Cat Decoration Quartz Clock


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   10 inch Cute Cat Decoration Quartz Clock Time Watch Plastic Frame Glass Mirror clock Hanging Living Room Bedroom Study Time

Product description:

1. Materials: durable plastic frame, exquisite workmanship, glass cover, transparent, with large glass surface, non-stick, easy to clean
2: big Numbers are easy to read, with the front glass cover.
Sliding non-ticking movements ensure good sleep and the best working environment.
Simple and high quality design to meet all your decorative needs.
3: the personalized back hanging hole is easy to hang on the wall.
4: high quality quartz scanning movement ensures accurate time.
5. We suggest you buy carbon batteries for use. Please do not use alkaline batteries.
6: the product does not have a battery, you need to buy it yourself!
Voltage: 1.5 V
Size: 25CM (10inch)
Usage: home, hotel, bedroom, kitchen, living room, as so on.