Cat Comb Brush Massage Device


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100% Brand New and high quality

The new toy by kitty lifestyle design, also equipped with imported high-quality high-purity catnip.

Press illustrates the corner the cat is placed in a corner or get enough furniture corner, inside the catnip attracts cats to rub\'re not at home, cats they would be happy to enjoy the massage.

Massage your cat at the same time the effect, not only can take away the body of the cat dander, cat repellent body and also indoors in the shade of the parasite, is the ideal cat toys.

Usage: mounted in the corner at the edge of a small groove, can be placed to attract kitty cat grass. Cats favorite stripper in the corner, the corner is natural to help comb fur.

Material: Plastic  

Size: 13cm/5.12"*9cm/3.54"

Package :1 pcs