Lovely Cat Tunnel Pet Toy


$19.95 $39.95
SKU: 571S00001_WJ0218

This Kitty Tent made with a durable nylon with a soft detachable crinkle pad and dangling strips to keep your cat entertained while being comfortable enough to lounge in while peeking out from one of the three round openings. The openings can accommodate cats of various sizes and has a spacious interior perfect to curl up in. With its flexible metal frame, you can pop it open and fold it closed in seconds, making it portable and compact. Attach the Kitty Crinkle Tunnel and Kitty Play Cube for even more fun! Width*Length*Height=(16*16*16inch)=(40*40*40cm) Warm and Cozy Tent Style Reinforced Tent Strong Enough Won't Crash Down Easily Breathable Portable Soft Material Collapsible Easy Storage