Self-heating Blanket For Cats And Dogs


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Self-heating Blanket For Cats Dogs Pet Washable Soft Blanket Self-heating Pet friendly

product description

  • The self-heating blanket can store the body heat of a cat or dog and effectively return it. Warm to ensure your pet. It is ideal for older pets.
  • Best cost savings and environmental friendliness - no external power supply is required to use self-heating ceilings. Ideal for small pets such as puppies, rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Animal-friendly materials - high quality exterior materials can be cleaned to suit pets and create a fluffy and lovely environment for your pet.
  • Built-in high-quality heat-reflecting layer that reflects the heat emitted by the pet itself to the body, isolated from the cold surface. Depending on the carpet, it can relieve the pain of arthritis and provide valuable help to pets.
  • Blocking or shorting the power cable will not pose a danger to your cat/dog. It can also be used outdoors (eg kennel) and sub-zero temperatures. Also great for puppies, outdoor animals and aged pets
  • Product size: S: 60 X 45CM M: 64 X 49CM

Products include

  • 1 X blanket