USB Charging LED Safety Pet Collar


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Nothing breaks our hearts more than our pets somehow getting out of the house,knowing they can get hit by a car or lost!

Now,with this rechargeable LED Tube Flashing collar,people(and cars) will see your pet,cutting the chances of them getting hit down significantly!



This dog and cat collar is built with a mini USB, novelty and fashionable. The Inside is built with sets of rechargeable batteries, comparing with ordinary battery, it\'s less energy wasting and eco-friendly. 

1>. Built with high grade soft rubber material, non-toxic, health and durable to use. 
2>. Adopt with top quality energy-saving led light, lower power consumption. 
3>. Designed with USB and rechargeable battery. It can also be charged with the charging or inserting the computer USB interface, and the service life will be longer. Compared with ordinary battery power, it\'s very economical and practical. 
4>. There are 3 light setting modes with manual switch: Slow flash, quick flash and steady light. It\'s suit for your pet walking at night, which can play a safety or warning role. 
5>. Enough length can fit your dog. There is enough length (35cm/50cm/70cm). You can cut it to fitting length your pet. 
6>. Its visibility can be reached far as 500m only if there is enough power. 

Package Included: 
1 X Led Flash Collar 
1 X USB Cable