Useful Cat Litter Shovel Pet Cleaning Tool


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Useful Cat Litter Shovel Pet Cleaning Tool 


1、Boxed hook cat litter shovel is easy to clean

2、PP material is smooth and does not hurt the hand: safe and no smell, feel comfortable, anti-aging
3、Increase the thickening design: increase the shovel surface, increase the handle, fast and comfortable
4、Hook design: you can directly hang the shovel on the litter box or the matching box to save space.
5、Hollow design: easy and effective filtration of dirty cat litter
Name:Litter Litter Scoop Pet Toilet Processor Spoon Cat Litter Scoops
Color: blue, green
Material: PP
Product specifications: about 30cm*16cm*15cm/11.81*6.30*5.91in
Scope of application: shovel cat litter, shovel cat food, etc.
Product features: 2 in 1

1. Boxed hook cat litter shovel is simple and convenient, easy to clean
2. PP material is smooth and does not hurt the hand: safe and no smell, feel comfortable, anti-aging
3. Increase the thickening design: increase the shovel surface, increase the handle, fast and comfortable
4. Hook design: You can directly hang the shovel on the litter box or the matching box to save space.
5. Hollow design: easy and effective filtration of dirty cat litter

1* cat litter shovel

1* box